Thursday, January 14, 2010

{The Line}

~Where do you draw the line with those who you call your friends?~

We try so hard to be good loyal friends but there are times when we fail. You will do anything for your friends and you will put up with things that you shouldn't. There comes a time when friendships can become too much to handle. You are the doormat, you are the one that takes all the blame, you are lied to, and you are the one who gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. What happens when this so called friend is nice to your face, or on facebook, mypsace, twitter but then spreads rumors about you that are not true and very hurtful? How long do you put up with this and when do you draw the line?

I've realized a lot over these past few months and have learned a lot about some individuals. People are fake. How stupid can you be to think that you can say things about my husband and I within our huge circle of friends and it not get back to me? Well, it did and this is why certain friends will no longer be my friends. The world doesn't revolve around you and not everyone wants to be like you. Grow up and get over yourself. Your not worth my time and I'm so sick and tired of hearing about your drama.

This is just a snippet of how I feel about certain people who I thought were my friends. I'm happy to have the few close friends that I do and they are the best of friends!!!!!!

Friends will come and go so hold on tight to the ones you have!!!!!!!!

{What would it take for you to draw the line?}

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