Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{Take One}

I decided to try something new tonight...I made my first video ever! Mind you, it's a beginner video and in no way anything to brag about. Over these past few months I have found some favorite blogs that I really enjoy reading....some of these blogs were more outstanding than others due to their fabulous videos. I love watching how-to videos (especially one's on card making) and I always thought this was something that would be in my future for my blog. I stumbled across the fabulous program, iMovie tonight and now I'm hooked.

This video is just a's definitely not the greatest but I wanted to start by posting just a beginning video to start the process. I messed up the color somehow and I couldn't figure out how to change it back so my apologies on the quality.

I'm excited to learn this video program and to share with you a more personal look into my world (more the crafty side).

So stay tuned for video #2.....

****Take One****

****Thanks for watching!****

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