Thursday, April 1, 2010

..back in the day..

Remembering the good ol days... brother and I easter Sunday 1984 (5 yrs old)..

Easter was always a HAPPY Holiday in our house growing up.  New Easter dresses, shoes, easter baskets (Mom always went overboard), and super fun family get togethers. Of the few memories I have from my childhood, Easter time is one of them. 

I will miss spending Easter with my parents & brother and family this year.  I'm thankful to have family out here in VA (Dad's family) and my awesome in-laws and sis-n-laws to spend holidays with when my parents are unable to fly out from CALI!

We have a special addition to our family this year, my niece Olivia who is a month old.  It will be fun to celebrate her first Easter together and to see my MIL go crazy over her.  She's such a great Nana!

Easter Schedule for the weekend:
1. Good Friday service tomorrow @ 3pm 
2. Saturday - preparations for Easter:

  • Make Antipasto (full of lots of goodness)
  • Bake the shortcake for our strawberry shortcake dessert
  • Find something Eastery to wear (trying to avoid shopping - it could get ugly)
  • Relax and rest up for a full day on Sunday 
  • Easter Vigil Candle Light Service (have to see how I feel if I can handle sitting on a hard pew for 3 hours)
3. Sunday:
  • Finish putting together the strawberry shortcake
  • Around 11 AM, head to my SIL house to spend Easter with my husbands side of the family
What are your Easter weekend plans?

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