Friday, November 13, 2009

{Threading Blues}

After 10 months of staring at my new sewing machine in it's box from last Christmas, I finally opened the box. What a beautiful machine! I never thought in a million years that I would want or learn to sew. I've had this coffee cozy pattern I've been wanting to try since I got the darn machine and boy has this been a chore trying to get this accomplished. First off, the instruction manual that Singer (make of my machine)wrote isn't the best. They leave out steps and it's very confusing being a beginner. In order to use your machine, you have to thread it. I thought no big deal I can do this. By accident two weekends ago I got it threaded correctly and did some practice stitching and it went very smoothly. Well, a few days ago I tried to re-thread my machine with thread to match the fabric I chose for the coffee cozy pattern and I failed miserably. It just wouldn't work. I tried everything. Even my husband tried and he couldn't figure it out. ((sigh))

I saw my machine sitting on my kitchen table last night starring at me and I thought why not give it another try thinking I could get it this time in no time at all. Two and a half hours later, switching threads, bobbins, another failure! I was so irritated. I watched a dozen Youtube videos on how to thread your sewing machine and it looked fairly straight forward, but when I would go on my machine nothing would happen. In order to save myself anymore frustration and wasted thread, I am going to Joanne's Fabrics tomorrow to have them take a look at my mahcine and help me get the darn thing threaded so I can start my first project....these coffee cozies are just adorable. The pattern I am using is from Erin Harris

I hope that I can have my machine up and running by tomorrow and that I can have at least the beginning stages of my coffee cozy sewn by Sunday! They will be great Christmas Gifts and a great way to stick to a budget!

Stay tuned for pictures of my first projects!

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