Thursday, November 12, 2009

{Restless nights}

Sorry I have been MIA for awhile. Dealing with life's everyday trials and tribulations can distract you from life's important things: updating my blog world! Things have been so so. As always, I live at the Dr, it's my new home. I'm finally getting to the bottom of things and not letting things slide or be put on hold anymore. I want to live my life to the fullest without these setbacks if I can help it.

I'm not one of those known for having great sleep habits. If I could, I wouldn't sleep at all. It's such a hassle for me every night and there are days when I just want to give up the fight. I have troubles falling asleep and staying asleep. When I finally do fall asleep, I clock watch all night and wake up feeling more tired then before I went to bed. I've been on sleep medication for about 3 years now and it seems to work pretty well except for when I "run out"! I have this fabulous health insurance that when you take medications on an ongoing basis, you have to mail order them. Well, I wasn't aware of this and got the big suprise at CVS last Wednesday. I went thinking I was going to be picking a bunch of my meds, to walking out empty handed. I soon found out that I wouldn't be receiving my meds in the mail for about a week. Today is Thursday, one week later and I am still empty handed and getting NO SLEEP! All I can say is they better be in my mailbox when I get home otherwise I will have an unhappy husband and an unhappy me!

We are both not feeling well so my lack of sleep is keeping him up at night when he already has issues sleeping. Things are just a blur right now. I can't remember the important things nor do I really care at this point. I need to be back on my routine so I can feel some relief. Mail order seems to be a pain in the but, but in the long run it's suppose to "save the patient money". Blah blah blah! Just give me my meds already!

Anyways, that's where I've been. In "the fog"! I have so many ideas and thoughts I want to post so I hope by this weekend I can get caught up. I have Thanksgiving cards to make and Coffee Cozy's to make with my lovely Singer Sewing Machine.

My plans for the evening are to eat a nice yummy dinner, get some sewing time in, have some relaxation time with my hubby and attempt to get some sound sleep tonight!

Have a wonderful night my friends!

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