Wednesday, December 9, 2009

{A Little Piece of Heaven}

This week has been an off week for me when it comes to being creative. Not sure what's up, but the creativity is just not there. I sat down to start cards for the Cards for Kids drive and I had no ideas, no patience and no attention span. I did manage to make one card but I do NOT like it! It's not the creativity in me that I like. I was very frustrated and had to stop for the night. Last night was my second attempt, made a card, yuck and trashed it and ended up wrapping a present (I love to wrap) and making the cutest gift tag. Even though I was unsuccessful in the card area, I was successful in creating something that reconfirmed the creativity is still in me.

Part of the problem I think is I'm not satisfied with the supplies I have. I want the pretty papers, ribbons to match, embellishments, stickers, stamps and you name it I want it. I had very basic stuff that was fine before, but now that my level of creativity has jumped up a level or two, I need to add to my collection in order to produce these cards I want. I have come across so many great sites for card making and I can't wait to start purchasing all the new fun stuff.

While hopping from blog to blog these past few days I found a paper store near my house that carries all the latest products. My new favorite line is from Cosmo Cricket. They have the cutest stuff ever. I have a whole list of things I want to buy from them. They have this amazing line, Jolly by Golly that has such cute Christmas papers, ribbon, stamps and stickers. I see Jolly by Golly in my future!:-)

I am girl that likes things NOW and I hate to wait when I want something. When browsing around on Cosmo Cricket I came across the words Where to Buy and guess what I found? I found a scrapbook/card store that carries Cosmo Cricket's Jolly by Golly!!!

Whoo Hoo....I can't even begin to describe how excited I am that I have a store so close by that I can go and fix my cravings!!! You know where I'll be headed on Saturday. My plan is to make a bunch of Christmas cards to send to the 8 kiddos for the Cards for Kids Drive!:-) This hobby has truly been a blessing! These past few months have been the hardest most emotional months I have ever gone through. I was doubting everything when it came to my happiness and asked God to please show me some hope that I will come out of this pit of sadness and grief. Well he sure answered my prayers and helped me see the beauty of creativity. The card making is my time to focus on something that I enjoy instead of worrying about things I can't control. It relieves a lot of stress and tension that has been very hard to suppress. I see a bright future in the world of scrappin and stampin for me and look forward to sharing my creativity with my world of online friends.

If you would like to know the frequent sites that I visit to look for my supplies, drop me an email. I have to gather them all and post them, but for now, an email is the easiest.

I challenge you to find what hobby makes you happy inside and out and to try it for a few nights back to back and see how you feel after. For me, I feel refreshed and most of all, I feel like I'm WORTH SOMETHING!

Have a beautiful day and ***Happy Crafting***!

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