Monday, December 21, 2009

{Surviving the WINTER STORM}


This weekend we had a major snow storm (my first) and we got about 20 inches of snow. It was crazy. We were snowed in and didn't leave the house all day. Thank God we went to the store the night before to get a few things to eat. The snow stopped later that night and Sunday it was time to shovel our cars out...this was interesting. We wanted to get out but the roads in our complex were bad, so some wonderful friends, Meig and Jeremy picked us up for lunch! We had a blast. Then they came back to our house for a "Pizza and Hangover party"!!! Oh, I can't forget Friday night...we spent the evening with the same great friends and it was so nice to spend quality time with "real and true" friends!!! Thanks guys, your the best!:)

I spent Monday at home with the hubby because our roads in our complex were still bad. We were able to make it later to do our Christmas shopping that we had done none of...nothing better than waiting till the last minute. I "thought" I had a 4:15 Dr's appointment today, I was wrong. We drove all the way there to find out that my appointment is NEXT MONDAY! Ugh, annoying. Then the craziness began. The Christmas and snow traffic in our local shopping area was so backed up it took us over an hour to go what takes us normally 10 minutes. Lots of people were getting stuck in the roads because they weren't plowed good and we were one of the them. Thanks to a husband that knows how to drive in this yucky stuff got us out. We managed to stop and grab a quick bite to eat and finally made it home. I was able to make another Christmas card and wrap some gifts until tomorrow when I get the cute bags to finish the wrapping up.

I got some TV time with the hubby and we watched the finale of Sing OFF - OMG do I ever love the group that won, NODA!!!! They are friggin amazing! I can't wait to hear what Sony does with them. Hopefully they won't be another one hit wonder.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be spent finishing up last minutes gifts and the baking. I have a bunch of goodies I want to make and I only have two days to get this all done. Only two more days of work for the week, then work Monday and 1/2 day Tuesday of next week and I'm off for the week to spend it with my parents who fly in from CA!!! I can't wait.

What last minute things do you have to do before Thursday?

P.S. My MAC is being stupid and I can't upload any pictures, so I will post them tomorrow when I get to work!:)


  1. We had SO much fun this weekend with you two! See you soon!

  2. So did we!:) Now on to continue our email trail!



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