Monday, February 22, 2010

:~: au revoir :~:

I hate this word, I despise this word, and I hate saying this revoir {goodbye}.
There is nothing nice or fun about this word.
But, it's inevitable that we will have to use this word more than we would like.

.....Tomorrow, Tuesday February 23rd I have to say goodbye to my sweet Mom!.....
I hate seeing her suitcase packed  and I don't want to hear about the airport mumbo jumbo crap.
She lives 3,000 miles away on the West Coast in beautiful sunny California.
I will miss her terribly and will be anxiously awaiting her return.
My heart aches without her!
I miss doing mother/daughter stuff like going to lunch or dinner and then some shopping.
Thankfully, they have a 2nd home here so I see them a few times a year.

We hope to see them for Easter but we got some devastating news yesterday.  My grandfather on my Mom's side has inoperatable lung cancer.  It's too far up into his lung for them to safely operate.  My Mom may need to go visit him in Kansas to just be there for him/with him...lung cancer is very aggressive and the Dr's don't know how long he has to live.
So, this could keep her and my Dad from visiting next month {but it's understandable}.
I'm very sad.
All 3, yes I said 3 {2 & 1 one step grandfather} all are not doing well.  No one knows how long any of them will be here.
I get so nervous hearing the phone ring at odd hours thinking my parents are calling to tell me one of them passed away.
We all knew this time was coming it just royally sucks that they are all not doing well at the same time.

We pray that God heals all of them regardless of what this outcome may be.

Asking for your prayers that my grandpa with lung cancer that he is healed and with us for many more years. 

.....I miss my Mom and I miss my grandpas!.....

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