Wednesday, February 3, 2010

{cards for kids update: Kate}

Cards for Kids Drive is still going strong and there has been a request for more cards for Kate.  She is a very sick little girl and is about to undergo a very serious transplant that will leave her isolated in a hospital for 6 weeks.  To learn more about Kate and her story, go here!

She needs some cheery cards.  Her sister Olivia (7) and brother Wil (4) could you some cheery cards too.  No one knows the outcome of how Kate's surgery will go, but we can pray that God protects her and the surgeons hands who are about to change her life forever.  Please keep Aaron (Dad), Holly (Mom), Olivia (sister) Will (brother) and Kate in your prayers!

If you would like to send cards to Kate, go to Jennifer Mcguire's blog and there you will find the details on how to send her cards.  It's for a great cause and she really love's receiving cards so send as many as you would like!:) 

I'm planning on making cards for her and her family this weekend.  If your interested in joining, let me know!:)

Keeping Kate and her family in my prayers!!!!

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