Sunday, February 7, 2010

{grill cheese & snow}

As many of you I'm sure know, the Northeast was hit pretty hard with a snow storm {blizzard} this weekend.  They even named the darn storm, snowmageddon!  This was by far worse than just a snow storm, it was a blizzard.  The hubby and I spent Friday evening and all day Saturday in the house and to our surprise, it was quite enjoyable.  We had lots of yummy food, great movie watching and some much needed cleaning.  Here are just a few pictures from our weekend:

Our amazing lunch on Sat: Grill Cheese & Tater Tots

Sunday we were able to get out later in the evening to head down to Haymarket to watch the Super Bowl with some good friends.  There were lots of yummy appetizers and some amazing desserts to include; rice krispy treats, cupcakes with the most amazing fluffy white frosting {thanks Laura} and tons and tons of chocolate covered pretzels in all shapes and sizes.  It was a feast and a yummy one.  It was great to catch up and have some amazing snuggle and bonding time with baby Ethan {2 months old} who I am absolutely in Love with.  Can you say, BABY FEVER ON THE MIND!:)  

Tomorrow will be spent at home enjoying my snow day.  Our roads are terrible and with seeing six accidents on 66 on our way to haymarket, my tail is staying home where it's safe.  I'm looking forward to some me time, some baking, some more cleaning and some time to sit down and make some more Valentines Day cards {didn't get around to it this weekend}.  I'm off the hook for dinner because my husband was so kind and dug our neighbors car out for her and her roommate {they are older} that they gave us homemade chili, cornbread, pound cake strawberries and whip cream for tomorrow.  Can you say yummy?

We have another snow storm suppose to come our away on Tuesday so if I can get out tomorrow, I'll be heading to the store to pick up some more food for the house so we don't starve.  We can't have the hubby go starving now can we?:)

I hope everyone enjoyed their snow or no snow weekend.  Remember to check back tomorrow for Create a Look Monday - CALM!

Night blog friends!


  1. yummm! love love love grilled cheese! have fun with the snow!

  2. Hello! Grill cheese is the best. We are expecting another snow storm tomorrow and wed with another 10-20 inches of snow...I'm so ready for spring! Hope you had a great weekend!:)



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