Thursday, March 25, 2010

..another birthday card success..

I needed a good distraction last night so I decided to make some more birthday cards.  I wasn't sure how great my creative thoughts were, but to my surprise I was in a creative mood and I am very happy with the way the card turned out.  It might seem simple, but from what I have learned from many of my card blogs I read, sometimes simple is the best.  It makes for a clean, neat and I think perfect card.  The more I try to add on, the less I like the card.  Ribbon is the trick for me.  I'm having a hard time making a card without using ribbon.  It just adds that perfect touch.  

So here is the card I made:

..i couldn't get the ribbon to stop fraying and it drives me crazy that it's "not perfect"..

..thinking this card will be for my cousins wife..

..i love lime green right eye is drawn to it in most cards I make these days..

..I'm not as happy with the quality of these photos this time.  My previous card post they turned out so much better and I even used the same lighting, camera, and room this time.  Not sure what the deal is, but I wanted you all to see the card regardless of how crappy the quality is! hehe..

..all supplies used are either from Michaels or JoAnne Fabrics. .

..have you made a card lately that you are really happy with the way it turned out?..

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