Tuesday, March 23, 2010

..happy birthday to you..

Since I've been home on medical leave I have had a lot of time to come up with new card ideas.  I made a few birthday cards last week that turned out pretty nice, but non of them popped out t me.  I think I was rushing because I didn't know how long I would last sitting there and wanted to be able to finish the card I was working on.  

Then today hurting in my gut, I decided to sit down and try another card.  I had my cousin in mind who is not a girly girl so I wanted to come up with a color scheme that was more neutral.  I gathered everything together and made of the cutest cards I have ever made.  Things just flowed this time and I am so happy with the way the card turned out.  Thanks to a great paper cutter, I have straight even lines so the card looks pretty darn perfect to me!  

Happy Birthday to you!
I love brown and green together
Although it's simple, sometimes simple makes just the right card
Thanks to Jennifer at kwernerdesign for all my inspirations..she's amazing!

..Let's see how my 23 cousin likes her birthday card..

..Have you made a card, or completed a craft that you are amazed and happy with the way it turned out?..

..Hoping to have more cards to show you very soon...I have a long list and I'm excited about coming up with new ideas for all the cards I have to make next month..

Have a wonderful day!


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