Tuesday, March 23, 2010

..ten on tuesday..

..Ten on Tuesday..

1. I'm so enjoying my time off from work recovering being a SAHW - stay.at.home.wife.  At first I wasn't too capable of this, but as the days go by, I'm doing a better job at full-fulling being a SAHW.  It's actually kinda fun.  I wake up to a house alone where I can enjoy my morning coffee and toast while enjoying some ME time.  I can sleep in which has been so nice.  In the beginning I was up early every day to take my meds so it was hard to get good sleep, but now that I just take one pill a day whenever I choose, it's been wonderful.  I been able to do some crafting - starting my long list of birthday cards for the family and I finished all of March and I'm no onto April.  I can only sit straight up for a short time so I take lots of breaks.  I baked for the first time since my surgery yesterday and I made some really yummy red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and it was tough standing there for as long as I had to, but it was worth it!  Best part for the hubby, is he now is getting home cooked meals during the week.  It's been fun planning the meals.  If I had it my way, I would be a full time SAHW! :)

2. Looking forward to our dinner tonight - BLT's!  This is one of our favorite meals {not the healiest} and I crave them way too often.  The hubby really likes them too so he'll be happy and surprised.  Not sure what's on the menu for dessert..thinking about some snickerdoodle cookies! Oh yeah!

3. There is a huge benefit to being on medical leave.  Fortunetely, I have great benefits from work and each year I have 12 weeks of protected pay for medical reasons {ie. maternity leave}.  I knew that I didn't need 12 this go around, but opted for 6 instead just incase.  Here is the best part: I get a check each week that is double what I would normally get so I'm getting 2x more a month than I normally do! Yippee!  I got the papers in the mail yesterday outlining my benefits and I couldn't believe the amount I was going to be getting.  This is really gonna help us out and I'm relieved knowing I don't have to stress about anything.  So I am in NO rush to go back to work! 

4. I need some new meal ideas.  Send your ideas/suggestions on over...I love hearing about everyone's favorite dishes.  Thinking about trying Lasagna later this week.  I got the recipe from my mother in law for her homemade pasta sauce so I'm going to attempt to make a true italian Lasagna...hubby is italian and it's hard to please an italian who grew up eating everything homemade {no jar pasta sauce like I grew up on}.  He helps me doctor it up so I might ask for his special touch again.

5. I'm addicted to SWEET TEA!  I can't go a day without it.  I have this really huge glass that I use everyday and it's always full of sweet tea and never anything else.  I love my mr. coffee iced tea maker...so easy to make..then I put 1  1/2 cups of sugar in the tea and walah - the best sweet tea ever!  I tend to pic restauraunts to go to that I know have sweet tea that's how bad I need it.  Growing up in so cal sweet tea was unheard of.  It wasn't until I moved to northern Virginia that I stumbled across this amazing beverage!

6.  Our one year anniversary is coming up in less than a month.  I can't believe how fast this past year has gone by.  I remember last year at this time finishing up last minute details like the guest list and where everyone was going to sit, the music for the ceremony, music for the reception, favor's, wedding program and so on.  I actually feel a little sad.  I was so excited this time last year and I couldn't wait for our wedding day.  I saw my parents a lot and everything just felt so right and the happiness I felt, I just can't describe.  Special memories I will never forget! my hubby!

7. Mommy hood...I have never wanted to be a mom more than I do now!  It's something I have always wanted my whole life.  Playing house growing up my favorite role was the mommy to my 6 cabbage patch kids.  It was so fun and I was a lucky girl and I had lots of fun stuff to go along with playing the role of mommy, like real diapers, real diaper bag, real bottles, you name it I had it.  Some of my favorite chilldhood memories.  I know our time will come soon, I'm just so ansy I can hardly stand it.  With all these new babies in our family, the desire is even stronger!  We hope to bring home a 2011 baby - Jan/Feb sometime if everything goes as planned.  If not, then by April {due to my recovery and how well I heal before I can try more treatments to become pregnant}.  God has a plan and we just have to be patient and accept his timing and plan.  

8. I love Spring!  The switch from the bitter cold to the cool and warm bright and sunny days is just magical.  The cherry blossoms start to bloom and we have some of the prettiest areas around.  Cherry blossoms are so beautiful and I can't wait to see them.  I've heard that DC is having a cherry blossom tour at night that will be lit with only oriental lanterns and I have to look into this...how romantic and mystical! Things to look forward to and to focus on when I'm feeling a bit down.

9.  Easter - I hae always loved easter.  I used to get a new dress and shoes every easter and we would go to church and then to either our house or my grandparents.  Oh and the easter baskets..my Mom gave us the best easter baskets ever.  So many yummy goodies.  I always loved these family get togethers and it's hard being 3,000 miles away from them.  I'm fourtunate to have a great family on my husbands side.  My parents usually come out for Easter and I thought they weren't this year, then today I found out that they might be afterall! I'm excited!  Easter just isn't the same without them.  I miss going to church together and celebrating the true meaning of Easter! This Easter should be really nice.  We are going to my SIL house and it will just be them and our new niece, my MIL maybe his Dad and us.  I'm looking forward to this family time together!  He is Risen! 

10. Praying my hubby's Townhouse sells that he owns with his Mom.  We are about done paying a morgage and rent...about tapped out.  Once the house sells, we will be able to save the money he paid towards half the morgage and put it away for when we buy a house next year.  The right person will come along, I just want to know where they are!  It's been up since Jan. and the realtor said things might be slow till spring so we are hoping the warmer weather brings more people out and more serious lookers.

..Do you have 10 things on Tuesday that are going through your head?..
..If so, what are they?..

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