Tuesday, March 16, 2010

..recovery lane..

...sitting on recovery lane...

Yes, I'm still alive.  I thought that I would be up posting on my blog a lot sooner that this.  Last Wednesday was my surgery and boy has it been a tough one.  My surgery was done via laparoscopic which is done thru a few tiny incisions in your abdomen.  For some reason this time was a little different.  They used my prior incision (the one like a c-section) and made a cut about 1/2 inch right in the middle, then another cut right on my right hip bone - more like a 1 inch cut, and then above my belly button instead of in the belly button.  So I have 3 new incisions that are bigger and I'm not to thrilled about it.  This means new scars and scars to try to cover up when wearing a bikini.  Oh well.  

Everything went smoothly.  My Dr's were able to remove the 3 big cysts but I'm not sure about the other 3.  I will find out more details at my post-op on the 24th.  Wednesday I got home a little after 7 PM and I was totally out of it.  Slept till morning, most of Thursday and all of Friday.  I hurt more this time.  It's more intense.  I can't even describe what it feels like.  Sometimes it feels like someone is tugging on my insides and won't let go.  Walking is a chore and I get very tired and have to sit down a lot.  I can't stand for too long either without feeling like I'm gonna fall over.  I'm only comfy on my left side to sleep so I'm not sleeping good at night.  The pain meds help, but in order for them to really work, I have to take double the dose and it makes me so loopy I can't do anything.  So I use this now as my night time happy cocktail.

I'm feeling better today.  I had been throwing up everyday since the surgery and yesterday and today I've been able to keep food down.  I just don't have a lot of energy.  I'm not sure where we go from here. My ovary is very enlarged and can't handle stimulation from infertility meds right now.  So my evil friend gets to be put in a drawer for another month or so (Clomid - ovarian stimulation med).  It causes cysts and I don't want to add anymore fuel to the fire.  

Hopefully this will be that last surgery for awhile.  Let us have a baby first, then open me up as much as you want..it feels like every time they go in, more damaged is caused because of scar tissue and adhesions.  

So for now, I'm taking it easy, resting a lot and enjoying my time off from work.  I have 6 paid weeks that I can take off, so there is no rush right now to go back.  I want to focus on healing and see how my post-op goes.  

Thanks to everyone for all your love & prayers!!!!!  Means a lot to me! :-)

...back to the boob tube...

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