Monday, April 26, 2010

..back to the grind..

Today is my first day back to work
after being off for 6.5 weeks.
It was not easy getting my mind set
for work again.
Little/crappy sleep I got last night.

I had no idea what I was walking into since
talking to HR about my LOVELY Boss!
{insert sarcasim here}
I walked into his office to say hi
and asked if he needed to speak with me
about anything and this is what he said,
"No, but read your memorandum of your job title and
remember what your duties are"!
That's all you have to say?
No, how are you feeling, glad to have you back.

Even though coming back to work is a drag,
at least I have a job and health insurance.

Hoping things continue to run smoothly
and that my Boss doesn't cause anymore
problems for me.

Hope everyone has a happy Monday!=)

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