Tuesday, April 13, 2010

..ten on tuesday..

ten on tuesday...

1. Enjoying another 2 weeks off work ~ Dr's orders! Lot's of decisions to make in the next couple of months!

2. God has answered a long awaited prayer and my husband and I finally feel like we will be able to truly start our lives together! I will have more to update with hopefully by next weeks ten on tuesday!

3. I am strangely infatuated with Savannah Georgia! I have never been there before, but I do have family near by in Cummings, GA. I just love all the beauty of the city and everything it has to offer. I have come across some really amazing pictures and when I look at them, I get this overwhelming feeling of peace and happiness! Must plan a visit soon!

4. Spring is finally here. Yay!!! Makes for a much better mood and more to do then being cooped up in the house trying to stay warm. Our pool opens Memorial Day weekend and I'm looking forward to some poolside time!

5. This Sunday is my one year anniversary. I can't believe it. Where has the time gone. Last year at this time I was finalizing last minute details and anxiously awaiting family flying in from CA! Such happy memories!

6. I love not working. I could really get used to being a stay-at-home-wife and stay-at-home-mom! I don't feel as stressed, my neck doesn't hurt, I don't have to deal with stupid people, and I don't have to wake up early which is the best thing in the world. I hate the morning and I feel so much better now that I am able to get more sleep. I finally feel rested for the first time in a very long time.

7. Woke up the first time today at 11:15, didn't feel like getting out of my cozy bed, so I fell back to sleep until 2:45! It felt so good to have nothing to get up for and just sleep. Even though the sun isn't out, I'm kinda likin this lazy day!=)

8. Dinner tonight ~ $.49 wings and cheap beer for the hubby...thinking this sounds like a cheap and great plan! Hoping the hubby agrees.

9. For months now I've been trying to start this new project ~ a mini album using scrapbook materials. Well, I'm thinking it's time I get this started while I still have time off from work. I hope to be able to share more of this with you once I start this project and my steps along the way in completing the mini album. They are really cute!

God has answered our prayers. He is doing much better. Over the weekend they moved him out of ICU and into a regular patient room. He is alert and knows whats going on which is a huge change from last week and he was able to go home yesterday. He is in a lot of pain from injuring his back so he will continue taking pain meds under the care of a home nurse. He is very frail and week and he needs to be very careful in the activities that he chooses to do. He is a very stubborn man and refuses to listen to anyone and this is why he ends up the way he does. No more bending over planting flowers, chopping wood, pulling your trailer all over CA and so on. He's 90 and is trying to act like he's 40. So for now, he is alive and here with us for hopefully many more years. His arteries in his neck are 90% and 100% clogged so it's only a matter of time before his time is up. We know this is reality but we just aren't ready to say goodbye just yet. I'm just so thankful he is still here with us!

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