Friday, April 9, 2010

..what's in your purse?..

..What's in your purse?..
I saw this idea on another blog I stumbled across tonight, but of course didn't bookmark it or write it down so my apologies for not being able to give her credit!

..So what's in my purse {too much}?..

1.  Vera Bradley wallet.
2.  Check book - I write one check a month so there really is not need for me to keep this in my purse.
3.  Daily Planner - Saves me from missing a lot of appointments.
4.  Sunglasses by Electric - Found here or at your local Surf Shops{it's more of a SO CAL thing}.  One of my favorite pair of sunglasses ever!
5.  Hand sanitizer.
6.  Allergy eye drops.
7.  Benedryl.
8.  Prescription Motrin.
9.  Purple pen.
10. Makeup - lots of lip glosses:
* Ulta lip gloss {not sure what color}.
* Mac lip gloss - date night.
* Two different shades of pink Victoria Secret lip gloss {the best}.
* Two Clinique full potential lips plump and shine..a purple shade and a more neutral shade.
* Carmex.
* Burts Bees chaptstick.
{think that's it...way too many to choose from huh?}.
11. Tums - a must for me!
12. Nail file now that I actually have N.A.I.L.S for the first time EVER!:)
13. Cell phone - iphone.
13. ipod Nano.
14. Trident gum.

..Today's post will be taking over today's Thankful Friday post!..
...This was a must for some strange reason for me!!!!...

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