Thursday, November 19, 2009

{Doxie HEAVEN!!!!}

For those of you who don't know about my Doxie Heaven you are about to. A couple of years ago my parents bought their first mini doxie "Trudy". I was living in VA (the 1st time) and I was about to move home to CA (Oct 04) and my Mom told me they were buying a mini doxie and that she couldn't wait for me to meet her. I grew up with big dogs so I was in shock when I heard they were buying a little dog and not too sure what to think about it. Well, when I moved home and I first met Trudy, it was instant LOVE! She was about 5 months old at the time and she was just the sweetest thing ever (she still is). I instantly grew very attached to her and couldn't have been happier with my parents choice!:-) Over the next few months we enjoyed every minute of Trudy. She was just a little bundle of joy. She was into everything constantly snooping around and you couldn't get away with anything with her and you still can't. She is very smart and she thinks she runs my parents house. Here's where the story gets even better. That following March we were out to dinner in Newport Beach, CA for my Mom's birthday and it was at an outdoor mall that so happened to have a PET Store! Boy were we in trouble. The girls separated from the boys and we went off and did our own thing. My dad decided to call my mom on her cell phone to tell her we better hurry, they have mini doxies and they are about to close. We were NOT looking to buy a puppy! We decided to meet up with them at the pet store and I instantly saw this adorable little brown mini doxie. She just stared at me through the window and I couldn't help but want to hold her. I asked the clerk if we could and of course they said yes. She was put in my arms and I fell in LOVE! She just melted in my arms, rested her head on my shoulders and I knew she was meant for our family. Thinking there is no way my parents were ever going to agree with this, to my surprise they did. We walked out with little miss Holly Berry (born on Christmas day) She was the light of my life, seriously. We bonded instantly and I adore her and love her so much, oh and Trudy too!:-) Whenever I would walk in the door, she would run to the door and pee herself she was so excited to see me! Now that's true love! hehehe I don't really know how to describe this bond I have with them. I was going through a very rough time back then and they saved me from a lot of pain! They were my little sisters.

Here's the sad part, I decided to move to VA in August of 2007 which meant, I would be away from them for long periods of time. This was hard. Who would I go to when I needed some kisses and some instant love? I was able to see them that Sept and Oct and for Thanksgiving. My parents decided to buy there second home here in VA so this meant that I would see them more often then I ever thought. My parents bring them with them , yes they buy them tickets to fly with them underneath the seat in front of them. I get to see them every few months and it's been wonderful

The point to my story is I haven't seen them since August and the day before Thanksgiving I get to see them for five days and I'm so stinking excited I can hardly stand it. They are the best little wieners around!:-) If you have never met a doxie before, if you ever have the chance, you must go. You will fall in love instantly. If you aren't a fan of little dogs, this will soon change because I wasn't and I love these little girls to death. They are super sweet, very smart, easy to train, and they are great with kids. They love my two little nephews.

{I miss you Trudy & Holly and I can't wait to see you next week!!!! Only 6 more days and your sissy will be home!:-)}



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