Thursday, November 19, 2009

{Introduction to Stampin & Scrappin 101}

I've decided that with all this card making talk, that I should post the basics of what you need in order to get started with your card making. You may think that to get started, that you will need a lot, but you really don't. You would be surprised at what you already have to make your cards. I have compiled a list of the basic items you need to make a card. I have also compiled or more extensive list of supplies you will eventually start using.

One of my next card projects - LOVE IT

Here are the lists to get you started:


What you will need to make a basic and simple card

1.Paper - any paper of your choice. From colored paper, construction paper, to card stock, to scrap booking paper, it all works.

2.Cutter - something to cut your paper into the size of card you would like and to make the straight edges straight other than using a pair of scissors. Or you can purchase of pack of envelopes/cards. I like white the best.

3.Glue - simple glue stick that can be used on your scrappin paper (ie. acid free)

4.Color pencils

5.Pictures torn from magazines, photos, stickers, foam shapes, what you want to make your card stand out. Once you get passed the beginning stage you will not believe the tools that are out there to make your card look beautiful. This time will come!:)

What your skills of card making can lead you to - ADORABLE Gingerbread Tags


Choose the colors you want to work with. Decide on a layout and theme you want to work towards. What I do is gather all the paper I want to you use on my card. I like to use stickers and die cutouts. I pick a color to use as the background on the front of my card. Then I choose another color to attach my stickers/die cuts too to make them stand out. You can directly glue them onto the paper, or I use adhesives that lift the stickers making a 3D look. Once I figure out how I want things to be placed, the gluing starts. I know this may be hard to visualize without pictures, but really, it's not hard at all. After you get used to the basics, you can then start adding on all the embellishments. This is how I make my basic cards. Very simple and basic. It's what got me to where I am now.

Once you are passed the beginning stage is when I would suggest picking up the embellishments to your cards. There are many things you can use. I never knew you could use so many different things like buttons, jewelry you name it. Get the basics down and then make your splurge on the fun stuff. Here is a list of the things that I would purchase next:



1.Cutting Mat - so your not cutting through your kitchen table anymore.

2.Adhesives & tapes.

3.Ink Pads - different colors of your choice.

4.Wood and rubber stamps - along with the many supplies that go with stamping.

5.The decorative embellishments to spice up your cards. Like brads, ribbon, buttons, jewelery, borders, you name it.

6.Decorative punches - from rounding the edges of your cards, to scalloping the paper used on each card and lots and lots more.

7.Glitter - my favorite! It does wonders to your card!:-)

8.Die cutter - cuts out all kinds of shapes.

9.Embosser/supplies - adds an extra special touch to your card (it's a beautiful touch).

10.Different colored cards/envelopes.

11.Paper - any kind, design, texture you can think of.

All the different "punches" to use to make your cards pretty and fun


Take a look around your house and you will be surprised at what you find that can be used on your cards. I hope that I was able to give you the tools you need to start your journey of stampin & scrappin. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me or leave me a comment.

I mentioned in my previous posts that I plan to start selling items that I have made, or take orders to make personalized cards, or any craft that I will be selling.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this via my blog without it getting too complicated.

I'm excited about this journey of my life and I really feel like God is working in my life to help me see that I can make beautiful things and that I can have something to look forward to that relaxes me and relieves a lot of stress from my daily life.

Your opinions, suggestions, or comments are WELCOMED!!!!


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